Report Card Shows Voters where Mayoral Candidates Stand on the Environment

For Immediate Release
October 13, 2010

Toronto: Today, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) released results of a 20-question survey that shows where the top 4 mayoral candidates stand on 6 priority environmental actions. The results, available, suggest Joe Pantalone has the strongest commitment to the environment.

“The report card makes it clear which top mayoral candidates are committed to the environment and which ones aren’t,” said Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. “Mr. Pantalone scored 100%, followed by Mr. Smitherman who scored 90%. Both Mr. Ford and Mr. Rossi failed because they refused to answer the survey.”

The survey asked ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about public transit, waste diversion, green energy, toxic reduction, buying local green products, and building transportation infrastructure for everyone. To view the questions and candidates’ scores, go to Both Mr. Ford and Mr. Rossi were repeatedly contacted but both refused to answer the survey.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance report card noted that Mr. Pantalone is “strongest on the environment” because if his commitment to all 6 environmental priorities. These 6 priorities were first proposed by 12 environmental groups back in February 2010. Mr. Smitherman “shows clear commitment” to the environment and has indicated strong support for 5 of the 6 priorities. However, he lost points for not supporting the full implementation of the City’s bike plan and for not supporting a ban on garbage incineration.

The report card also noted that Mr. Ford shows “no interest in the environment.” It criticizes Mr. Ford for not using the report card to talk to Torontonians about the environment and concludes that “Torontonians expect better from someone who wants to be their next Mayor.”

“Torontonians are looking for a Mayor who will build on 10 years of environmental success,” said Hartmann. “This report card gives them a clear picture of which mayoral hopeful is best positioned to build on this success. We hope every voter will seriously consider the results of this report card on October 25th and vote for the environment.”


For more information, contact:   Franz Hartmann, Executive Director, Cell: 416-606-8881