Leaping to 80: A Plan for City Hall to Help Torontonians Divert More Waste

In November 2012, TEA issued a report on how Toronto could reach a recycling rate of 80% or higher within just a few years.

Toronto is falling behind in waste diversion. In 2007, City Council set a residential waste diversion target of 70% by 2010. In late 2012, the city is stalled at a disappointing 50%.

This report explains why waste diversion has stalled in Toronto and why waste reduction is the best environmental, economic, and financial approach to dealing with our garbage.

Most importantly, the report identifies key actions the City can take to help Torontonians divert more waste and get Toronto’s residential waste diversion rate beyond 70% to over 80%.

  • Get Green Bins into all multi-residential buildings by the end of 2013.

  • Build the facilities needed to divert Toronto's waste.

  • Target commercial and non-residential waste diversion.

  • Support diversion with strong policy at the City and Provincial level.

These actions will also create an additional 1,800 green jobs, mostly in Toronto.