Scarborough: TO’s Top Recyclers

Did you know that Scarborough has the highest recycling rate in Toronto?

Looking at City data for residential, waste, recycling and organics pick up from houses, Scarborough residents send the smallest percentage of their waste to landfill - diverting most of their waste away from landfill and to recycling or organics.

Their waste diversion rate (the percentage of waste that is diverted from landfill to recycling or composting) is the highest in the city, and it has been for a few years. With a 63% diversion rate, Scarborough getting closer to Toronto’s overall diversion target of 70% than any other area. 

We don't know why it's higher, but it's great news!

Though this diversion rate doesn't include multi-residential towers like condos and apartments, we know that our friends at Mayfair on the Green have almost reached zero waste. 

What's clear is that whatever is causing better diversion rates in Scarborough, we need to understand what it is so we can amplify it and bring that success to the rest of Toronto!

Our friends at Mayfair already provide a great example for what other high-rise buildings can do, now we know that Scarborough has more lessons to share. Keep up the great work.