Spotlight on Mercury

Mercury is one of the top toxic chemicals released into Toronto's air and water. That is why TEA is tackling the two largest sources of mercury.

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Scarborough's Highland Creek sewage incinerator is our city's largest mercury polluter. Check out TEA's interactive Mercury in Toronto map at the bottom of this page for more information on all sources of mercury in Toronto.

What is TEA doing about it? We joined the Health Impact Assessment Stakeholder Group to assess replacement technologies at the Highland Creek Treatment Plant in the hopes that a 'no-burn' solution will reduce health risks in the community.

We are pushing for policy reform that would strengthen Toronto Water's Pollution Prevention Program for Mercury. This would stop mercury at the source (before it enters the sewer system), potentially eliminating Toronto's contribution to mercury contamination in Lake Ontario.

We also work at the local level, in the communities where mercury is a problem. All five crematoria in Toronto release mercury but that might start to change! TEA recently toured Mount Pleasant Crematorium's new enviro-friendly equipment, which eliminates all mercury emissions. It was installed after TEA worked with community members to raise the alarm about toxic releases. Read more.

TEA's Mercury in Toronto Map