Statement from the Toronto Environmental Alliance on Municipal Election Results

Toronto’s newly-elected City Council includes a majority of candidates who pledged their support for key climate and environment priorities in the next term. Now, it’s time for Councillors to follow through on this pledge and build a green, equitable and livable future for Toronto.

In Monday's municipal election, Torontonians elected 15 City Council candidates who pledged to support TEA’s key climate and environmental priorities for the next term - including a dedicated, ongoing climate funding tool to help get Toronto to net zero emissions. Toronto’s municipal election comes at a time where Toronto is facing an incredible budget shortfall, and needs urgent investments in City infrastructure and public services to achieve its climate targets and protect the services communities rely on.

“It’s time for the Mayor and Council to use the tools they have to shift from an austerity agenda towards transformative action so we can achieve our climate targets and build a better city for everyone,” says Sarah Buchanan, Campaigns Director at TEA. “We need strong voices on Council to truly transform Toronto. Together, we can build green, affordable housing, world-class transit and cycling options, climate-safe infrastructure, and a vibrant local circular economy.”

There is strong public support for investments in climate action: in a recent poll from the Broadbent Institute and Toronto & York Region Labour Council, 72% of respondents said they support the City investing now in climate change mitigation.

"Toronto has ramped up commitments on climate action with the new Net Zero Strategy - but we have yet to deliver the level of funding and investment to achieve those targets,” said Buchanan. “With a majority of Toronto’s incoming City Council committing to new climate funding tools, we’re hopeful this will be a turning point towards a better future for our city.”

TEA’s other pledge priorities include a maximum heat bylaw for rental units, a fair stormwater charge to address flooding, and new rules to cut down on disposable foodware. "Many voters are facing escalating floods, heatwaves, and other climate change impacts. They’re counting on their elected representatives to make good on their climate commitments and we’ll be working to hold City Council accountable to communities," said Buchanan.

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About the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA): For over 30 years, the Toronto Environmental Alliance has campaigned locally to find solutions to Toronto's environmental problems. As a not-for-profit organization, we work with communities to advocate for a green, healthy and equitable city.