Findings and learning from TEA's preliminary work on multi-residential waste diversion

Funded by OTF.


High-Rise Waste Diversion in Toronto: A discussion of challenges, opportunities and solutions - JUNE 2017 - report on learnings from OTF Seed Grants on developing a Zero Waste Network for Toronto (2016-17) and High Rise waste diversion (2016-17)

High-Rise Waste Diversion - Theory of Change - model developed based on learnings from OTF Seed Grant, used to develop new projects on waste diversion, motivating behaviour change and ghg reductions.

ADD - Timeline doc

Mayfair on the Green video tour - short social media version for general audiences + longer version for building decision-makers. To be published on October 20, 2017 at special event (screening party) for residents of Mayfair.

Millgate Manor video profile -

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