TEA Releases Smog Report Card 2005

October 6 2005

City of Toronto Gets “C-” on Smog Report Card: City’s Smog Actions Inadequate

(Toronto) Today, the City of Toronto scored a “C-” on the Toronto Environmental Alliance’s eighth annual Smog Report Card. The Report Card measures the City of Toronto’s progress in implementing the 1998 smog plan and subsequent promises on air quality issues.

“2005 has been the worst smog year on record, ” said TEA Smog and Climate Change Campaigner Keith Stewart. “To make matters worse the City has let important clean air programs falter.”

TEA reviewed Toronto’s performance on smog in 6 key areas. The City received high marks for greening its fleet of vehicles and pressing other levels of government for air quality action. However the City has fallen behind in implementing a wide range of programs including: energy efficiency improvements getting its own energy from green sources like wind and solar power better public transit and making Toronto more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. The City has also been slow to fulfill a longstanding commitment to develop a comprehensive Air Quality Strategy.

“With few exceptions we found that the will to improve air quality is missing ” said TEA smog campaigner Keith Stewart. “We call on the City to reinvigorate its commitment to clean air starting with an immediate Council debate on Toronto’s deteriorating air.”

The Report Card also notes that this summer’s heat is a sign of things to come unless urgent action is taken to address global warming and urged Toronto City Council to once again be a leader in preventing dangerous climate change.

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