Torontonians to TTC Chair: Please help stop the cuts and fare increase

For Immediate Release
November 25, 2011

Toronto: In less than 24 hours public outcry has exploded as Torontonians find out there will be cuts to 56 bus routes and 6 streetcar lines in the wards they travel through because of a 10% budget cut forced by City Hall. As a result, TTCriders issued a letter today asking Councillor Stintz, Chair of the TTC, to help stop the cuts and fare hike.

“We’ve had over 600 emails sent to City Councillors in less than 24 hours asking that the cuts be reversed and fare hike stopped,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, a spokesperson for TTCriders. “It’s clear from the public reaction that Torontonians are very unhappy. That’s why we wrote a letter to Councillor Stintz asking her to fight for transit riders and for a better TTC.”

The letter to Councillor Stintz is attached to this release. It calls on Councillor Stintz and other TTC Commissioners to reverse the 10% budget cut, stop the fare hike and work with her fellow Councillors to make this happen.

Yesterday, TTCriders released a secret list of cuts to 56 bus routes and 6 streetcar lines that will affect every ward in Toronto. The TTC later confirmed the list was accurate and explained the cuts were a result of direction by City Hall that the TTC had to cut their budget by 10%.

“I have yet to speak to anyone who thinks a 10% budget cut that means longer waits for more crowded transit vehicles and a higher fare are the right ways to respond to record ridership,” said Kirkpatrick. “City Hall needs a champion who is willing to say a 10% budget cut for the TTC is just wrong.”

“We know Councillor Stintz wants to do what’s best for the millions of people who use the TTC every day,” said Kirkpatrick. “Now we’re asking her to take action. That’s what people want.”


For More Information: 
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Public Transit Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance, 416-596-0660