TTC Riders Brave Weather to Speak Out Against Transit Cuts

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February 2, 2011

TTC Riders Brave Weather to
Speak Out Against Transit Cuts

Toronto: Today the Toronto Transit Commission is meeting to consider major service cuts to 41 bus routes across the city. As well, Commissioners will decide whether to proceed with building a new facility to maintain and store the new light rail vehicles (LRVs) ordered to replace Toronto’s fleet of old, crowded, streetcars.

“This meeting is very important for the future of public transit in Toronto,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, Transit Campaigner with the Toronto Environmental Alliance. “After today’s meeting we’ll have a better picture of the priorities of this Commission. Are they going to proceed with building up and expanding the TTC or are they going to start a decline in service and pinching every penny at the expense of TTC riders?”

Torontonians from across the City are speaking up and against the proposed bus service cuts and want more, not less transit now.

“We already have infrequent transit service in Scarborough and just 3 bus lines serving UTSC,” said Pagalavan Thavarajah, Vice President External at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. “To cut one of these bus routes is very concerning as lots of students have late night classes and need to access the school on weekends. Students are very disappointed and worried about how they’ll get to and from school in a reliable, safe and secure way.”

"Skaters from the West End Waywards are very concerned about the bus cuts,” said Emily Shelton, a Jammer with the Rollergettes in the West End Waywards Rollerskating Association. “All derby in Toronto is played at various venues located at the outskirts of the downtown core. These venues aren’t easy to get to and not having a cheap and easy way to get there will really hurt the sport."

With the release of his 2011 budget earlier this month, Mayor Ford broke his promise to the people of Toronto by proposing major service cuts to TTC bus routes. On his first day in office, he declared Transit City, the rapid light rail transit network extending to all corners of our city, dead and suggested that smaller and more costly extensions to the subway network were his preference.


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