TTCriders Urge Councillors to Jump on Board Stintz’s LRT Transit Plan

For Immediate Release
February 6, 2012

Toronto: TTCriders, Toronto’s voice for transit riders, is urging all Councillors to support the LRT transit expansion plan to be moved by TTC Chair Karen Stintz at the special Council meeting on Wednesday.

“For Torontonians who want rapid transit now in all parts of the city, this plan will get us there,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, a spokesperson for TTCriders. “We applaud Councillor Stintz and the other 23 Councillors who are calling for a special Council meeting on Wednesday which should get transit expansion moving again in Toronto.”

“Now we call on Mayor Ford and the other 20 Councillors to get on board as well,” said Kirkpatrick.

Councillor Stintz’s plan calls for four Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines to be built: the Eglinton Crosstown (underground from Keele St to Laird Ave and at grade from Leslie Street to Kennedy Station); along the current Scarborough RT; along Sheppard Ave East from Don Mills Station to Morningside Ave; along Finch Ave west from the new Finch West Station to Humber College. These new LRT lines will have almost no impact on existing car lanes as there is enough space to build new lanes on these wide suburban avenues.

“We know Torontonians want rapid transit now. Councillor Stintz’s plan does this, and it’s completely paid for by the Province,” said Kirkpatrick. “This plan is based on solid transit principles and will see rapid transit built quickly, underground where it is needed, to all parts of the city.”

TTCriders also launched an e-petition that allows Torontonians to send an email to their Councillor showing their support for the plan. The petition is available at


For More Information: Jamie Kirkpatrick, Public Transit Campaigner for the Toronto Environmental Alliance, 416-596-0660

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