Exploring waste and recycling in Scarborough

Over the summer, TEA and a team of volunteers have been exploring ways to build a waste free Toronto, at home and in the community.  


Reducing waste at home

The group started with a discussion about waste and recycling at home - including the challenges of recycling in apartment buildings, and the challenges faced by those new to the city in learning about Toronto's waste and recycling. 

Members of the group visited a remarkable building in Scarborough that reuses, recycles or composts more than 80% of their waste! Our visit to 430 Mayfair on the Green inspired the group, as it shows what a group of dedicated people can achieve.

Better recycling and waste diversion in City buildings

The team of volunteers and summer students also started looking at waste and recycling in City-owned buildings.

Visiting City libraries, community centres and civic centres, the group noted that most City buildings don't have enough waste signs, recycling bins, and almost no buildings collect green bin waste. 

The group plans to share what they've learned with newcomers at events and workshops in the fall, and meet with their Councillors to talk about improving recycling and waste diversion in City buildings.

This is the second partnership with the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) for their Capacity Creators leadership program.