Welcome to TEA's new website!

We hope you enjoy TEA's new website! Our new site is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to take action, and to learn about what we're doing!

We’ve created a simple, clean design and a way to navigate the website that we hope makes it easy for users to find what they want and to take actions that will make a difference.

Features we're excited about:

  • Take Action section to help you quickly find out what you can do right now
  • News & Updates with posts by TEA staff on the many campaigns and issues we're working on to keep you up to date
  • 'Tags' at the bottom of each page to help you find other content on the same topic
  • Social media links integrated with all pages to make it easier to share our news
  • Lots of photos!  


The website is still a work in progress - and we're still adding a lot of content over the coming weeks and months!

Please send us your feedback about the new website on our contact us form or by email to [email protected].