When will Toronto go Zero Waste?

On Earth Day, New York City announced a Zero Waste plan that will see them reduce garbage going to landfill or incinerator by 90% by 2030!


New York's plan includes a range of activities (including things we already do in Toronto!)

  • Organic waste collection for apartments and condos
  • Better recycling education for residents
  • More hazardous and e-waste collection events across the City
  • Better recycling services for businesses
  • Restrictions or bans on some disposables (like plastic bags, take-out food containers)

Toronto was the first major city in North America to roll out curbside organics collection in 2002. But, we missed our target to reduce our waste by 70% by 2010.

TEA believes that Toronto can be an environmental leader again. With a committment, more education, and the right investment in the right infrastructure, Toronto can beat our 70% target and get to 90% before New York does!

Right now, the City is deciding what to do with our waste over the next 50 years. This is your chance to get involved and help make Toronto a waste free city!