The Future of Recycling in Ontario (Recording)

The Provincial government released proposed regulations that will make producers responsible for managing the Blue Box program in Ontario. Watch the recording from the “Future of Recycling in Ontario" event to hear our Waste Campaigner, Emily Alfred discuss our concerns and what these regulations mean for the environment.

For those who missed the live information sessions or would like to review what was covered we have provided a full video recording below.

In the recording, Emily discusses:

  • How recycling works in Ontario (and why it needs to change)
  • Why holding producers responsible for their packaging is a good idea - if it’s done right
  • Where the Province’s proposed Blue Box regulations are going wrong, and what this means for the environment and for municipalities
  • What environmental organizations want to see in the new Blue Box program
  • How you can make your concerns heard and push for better regulations

Watch the video to learn more.

The proposed regulations are open for public comments until December 3rd. We created a simple tool to help you submit comments to the Environmental Registry of Ontario. Click here to submit your comments and speak up for regulations that ensure companies are truly held accountable and pushed to solve the recycling and pollution problems they helped to create.