A Look Back at TEA’s Work on Local Food

Do you have two minutes to learn about local food procurement in Toronto? TEA’s Executive Director Franz Hartmann was featured in a short video series on Local Food Learners – Better Health, Economy and Environment.

Watch the videos and hear from Franz on increasing demand for local food, supporting and preserving the Greenbelt and engaging Torontonians to influence policy change.

Part 1: The Innovator

Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, describes a strategy that helps bring more Ontario and Greenbelt-grown food into public institutions in the City of Toronto.

Part 2: The Innovation

Franz talks about the process of gathering input from Torontonians on the benefits of Ontario and Greenbelt-grown food, and sharing those findings with municipal officials in order to enact a local food-buying policy for public institutions. 

Part 3: The Impact

Franz explains the impact of the local food buying policy in encouraging local food champions to encourage other institutions to take advantage of all the Greenbelt has to offer.

Part 4: The Inspiration

Franz describes the importance of supporting and preserving the Greenbelt, as he outlines how easy it is to support local food initiatives in our everyday lives.

Videos by Ontariofresh.ca and the Greenbelt Fund.

Franz was also interviewed for a special feature on food policy and the Greenbelt in Ontario. Read the full article online