Act Now: Green Bins for All

We're calling on the Province of Ontario and City of Toronto to change the rules and require organics collection in all homes and businesses. Join us - send an email now to your MPP and City Councillor to show your support.

Right now, too many organics are ending up in the garbage where they are wasted and create methane, a greenhouse gas 80+ times more powerful than CO2.

While a majority of Toronto residents have access to Green Bins at home, many highrises don’t, and very few workplaces, businesses or schools offer organics collection.

Why? Because they don’t have the same rules that homes do when it comes to compost and recycling.

The good news is that we have an opportunity to get organics out of the garbage by requiring organics collection in every building in Toronto. Over the coming months, important decisions about our waste system will be made by the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario. Contact your elected officials to help us demonstrate the public support for tackling organics. 

Have more questions? Read our fact sheet on expanding organics collection in Toronto.