Toxics Toxics

Toronto’s leadership has passed groundbreaking laws that protect our health from pesticides and give us the ‘right to know’ where toxic chemicals are found in our communities.

Toxic chemicals can trigger asthma attacks, impact the healthy development of children and cause cancer. Thanks to our victories at City Hall, we know which chemicals pollute Toronto’s air, water, and workplaces and we know who’s responsible for it.

It is time to develop some ‘made in Toronto’ solutions that will detox our city from these harmful chemicals, which is why TEA is:

  • Researching Toronto’s most toxic ‘hot spots’ with a focus on environmental justice
  • Supporting community partners in identifying toxic substances and turning local polluters into good neighbours
  • Promoting sustainable solutions that can detox communities and support green business
  • Advocating for stronger pollution prevention and toxics reduction policies at City Hall and Queen's Park, in coalition with other environmental, health and labour groups.

By reducing our own individual exposure and urging businesses and institutions to use less toxic substances, we can make Toronto a greener, safer place to live. Not just for us, but for all the species that live in our ravines, rivers and Lake Ontario.

Explore TEA’s work on Toxics.

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