Windmills Campaign History


The TO Hydro anemometer stays

Executive Committee votes not to remove TO Hydro anemometer before end of study. Read decision here.


A moratorium is created

Ministry of the Environment creates a moratorium on all off-shore wind power development in Ontario.


Province Gets Involved

Ministry of the Environment posts draft Approval Requirements for Off-Shore Wind Facilities in Ontario for public comment. Proposal includes 5km Shoreline Exclusion Zone for all off-shore projects, as well as required studies on human and environmental impacts.



Attempts to ban Wind Power in Toronto

Councillors Ainslie & Thompson motion to ban wind power in the City of Toronto. At an Executive Committee meeting, there are many public deputations on the health and environmental impacts of wind in response the motioned ban.  Executive Committee asked the Toronto Environment Office to report back after TO Hydro has completed its wind study in Scarborough on how the City can promote and nurture green energy projects in Toronto (EX43.24).

Scarborough Community Council (SCC) votes to ban industrialization of Scarborough's waterfront. Many public and NGO deputations on benefits of industrial off-shore projects (i.e. wind). Read InsideToronto article here. City Council rules SCC vote out of order because the Executive Committee had already debated wind turbines.



TEA's Campaign to ensure the anemometer is installed: success!

TEA asked Torontonians in support of wind power to attend public meetings held by Toronto Hydro to make their voice heard. TEA also provided sample letters and a petition to the Ministry of Natural Resources asking the Minister to give Toronto Hydro the permit to install the anemometer.


Toronto Hydro Proposes Testing Wind Speeds in Lake Ontario

In October, Toronto Hydro proposes measuring wind speeds in Lake Ontario to assess if the area is possible site for wind turbines. TEA writes a letter urging Torontonians to support the installation of an anemometer near the Scarborough Bluffs.

TEA launches campaign called "My Toronto includes Windmills!" campaign to support creating clean, green, sustainable power in Toronto and to urge the Ministry of Natural Resources to allow wind power development in Ontario. TEA creates materials for Toronto residents and works to show the facts surrounding wind power.