Canvasser Profile: Adam

Meet Adam: one of TEA's dedicated employees.  Adam explains why he loves working for TEA and gives us an inside scoop on canvassing in the City of Toronto.

Throughout the year, TEA engages with people in neighbourhoods across the city discussing our work and inspiring the public to support our local efforts. The canvass team plays an essential role in strengthening TEA’s voice at City Hall and funding our advocacy work. It takes dedication, passion and sometimes an umbrella to get the job done!

Name: Adam

Hometown: Toronto

Why are you canvassing for TEA?  I know it sounds cliché, but I wanted a job that allowed me to make a positive contribution to an important cause. By spreading information about environmental concerns in Toronto, and building support for TEA’s campaigns, I am doing just that. Every time I find a new supporter, or let someone know about an issue they were previously unaware of, I can see the value of what we do. The flexible work schedule is pretty great too.

How did canvassing differ from what you expected? One thing that I did not expect is how nice people are! I really thought canvassers had to put up with a lot of rude responses, but even those who aren’t that interested in environmental issues are generally respectful. Moreover, lots of people are willing to hear us out and engage with us.

What TEA campaign are you most passionate about at the door?  As a daily user of the TTC, I love talking about public transit. Creating a system that is an efficient and accessible transportation option for all Torontonians is so important. Beyond providing immediate improvement to people’s lives, a great transit system is vital for the environmental sustainability of a city. More generally, I like any campaign that asks people to get involved in improving Toronto’s environment - whether by signing a petition, having their voice heard at public consultations, or participating in their ward’s Community Environment Day, showing people how they can become active in building a more environmentally friendly city is always rewarding.

What motivates you on those cold and rainy days? Canvassing in bad weather can be a challenge. Having a great team of people canvassing with me definitely helped keep me motivated through the winter. Joking around and sharing experiences with the people who are out there with you is a great way to keep spirits high.

What item can you not canvass without?  Coffee before I start canvassing.

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