Canvasser Profile: Lubna

Meet Lubna: one of TEA's dedicated employees.  Lubna explains why she loves working for TEA and gives us an inside scoop on canvassing in the City of Toronto.

Throughout the year, TEA engages with people in neighbourhoods across the city discussing our work and inspiring the public to support our local efforts. The canvass team plays an essential role in strengthening TEA’s voice at City Hall and funding our advocacy work. It takes dedication, passion and sometimes an umbrella to get the job done!

Name: Lubna

Hometown:  Chittagong, Bangladesh

Why are you canvassing for TEA? After I finishing my Master’s Degree in Climate Change from the University of Waterloo in 2014, I began looking for a job within the environmental field. With three years of work experience in the not-for-profit sector in Bangladesh, I was eager to join an environmental organization in Canada. I came to Ontario as an international student after graduating from North South University of Bangladesh with a Master’s of Resource and Environmental Management. My research focused on climate change vulnerability and adaptation. After 4 years as a researcher, I realized the importance of meaningful engagement with the public.

I really liked the local focus of TEA’s work. We know that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time but the causes are very much local. TEA helps connect the dots between the causes of climate change and the consequences. Canvassing for TEA gives me the opportunity to spread awareness and inspire people to get involved.

How did canvassing differ from what you expected? Every night I am amazed at the number of people who choose to support TEA at their doorstep. I am further impressed that people are willing to share their own concerns about Toronto and chat about other issues they are involved with.

What TEA campaign are you most passionate about at the door? Waste management is one of the greatest environmental challenges for a big city like Toronto. This campaign reminds people about individual responsibility. Waste is a very visible issue, I speak to many concerned citizens at the door. I am very passionate when a conversation at the door leads to positive change in someone’s life and their neighbourhood.

What motivates you to canvass on those cold and rainy days? Even on rainy and cold days, I get a chance to explore a new area of the city and be active. Being part of a great team also inspires me to get out there even when I’m bundled up or juggling my umbrella and clipboard.

What item can you not canvass without? A cup of hot coffee before I start canvassing.

Interested in joining TEA's canvass team? We're hiring! Click here to learn more about the position and how to apply.