City of Toronto Event: The future of waste management in Toronto

The City of Toronto is hosting an open house and consultation about the future of waste in Toronto. What’s most exciting about this consultation is that Toronto is evaluating how to deal with complicated types of waste - items like coffee pods and plastics labelled 'compostable'.

These are items that create havoc in our recycling system. While many products are labelled recyclable or compostable, they actually aren't. 

The City of Toronto is considering requiring companies who want to promote their products to Toronto residents as recyclable or compostable to first test those products in City waste facilities - and to pay for the cost of testing. Those companies would also have to pay for the actual processing (recycling or composting) of those materials.

This is big news! While most extended producer responsibility rules like these are set at the Provincial level, Toronto would show leadership in waste reduction by passing these new rules here in Toronto.

Companies should be held responsible for the products and packaging they create.

This is a message you can share at the March 21st event! (RSVP with the City of Toronto here). 

If you have questions or want to share your thoughts after the meeting, send an email to Emily Alfred, TEA’s Waste Campaigner: [email protected]. TEA staff will also be at the meeting! 

Read more about plastics and Extended Producer Responsibility.