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Metro Morning
CBC Radio One
March 14, 2017 

If condominium buildings around the city don't improve recycling, the City may impose fines. Guest host Andrew Nichols spoke with Heather Marshall, she is Campaigns Director for the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

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Interview Summary:

TEA’s Campaigns Director, Heather Marshall, spoke to CBC Radio One about recycling in condominiums around the city. Only a quarter of waste from condos is being diverted. The City of Toronto may impose fines if they do not see improvements in waste diversion. In fact, they have already sent out a first wave of warning letters to various buildings.

As Heather states, these fines can be averted. Older condos may have been “designed for landfills”, meaning they may have limited space for recycling and green bins. Yet, she cites one example of a 25-year old condo building in Scarborough called Mayfair on the Green. They converted their garbage chute into a green bin chute. “With that one change and a number of other small changes they were able to take their waste fees down from $20 000 to $5 000, 20 dumpsters a month to one.”

Heather explains that beyond the economic savings, increased waste diversion protects the environment by reusing these resources. Furthermore, “The other exciting thing is that we can create 10 jobs for every one job if waste just goes to landfill.”

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