Connect to the Greenbelt by Bicycle

Connect with the Greenbelt this summer on the Greenbelt Bike Route. Download the map and plan your trip.

The Greenbelt Route is signed and mapped for cyclists, with connecting trails linking the waterfront trail to the new Greenbelt Route. The route spans 475 km across seven regions and takes riders through through rural towns and working farms from Northumberland to Niagara.  It includes an (almost complete) cycling route through Toronto that connects us to the Greenbelt and the Greenbelt Route to the Waterfront Trail.

The Greenbelt Route, courtesy Greenbelt Foundation

You can access the map online as a PDF to download. 

More to look forward to soon from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation:

  • an interactive web-based mapping tool
  • seven regional day-trip itineraries

These will be your guides to the unforgettable tastes and stunning beauty of Ontario's world-famous Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt Route will open officially this summer with a 6-day cycling holiday,  August 16 - 21 organized by the Waterfront Regeneration Trust which developed the route with the help of a grant from the Greenbelt Foundation.