Consultations launched on Toronto’s 2021-2023 climate plan

The City of Toronto has launched public consultations on its 2021-2023 climate action plan (TransformTO).

We now have an opportunity to show City staff and Council that there is strong public support for climate action. This will help ensure that bold actions are included in the next phase of TransformTO.

Make your voice heard by completing the City’s online survey by November 11. In the survey, you’ll be asked to state your level of support for some key proposed areas of action, including:

TRANSPORTATION: You’ll be asked about actions like expanding transit priority zones and bus-only lanes to reduce transportation-related emissions.

Many of these actions will help improve public transit and active transportation. 

FINANCIAL TOOLS AND GOVERNANCE: When Toronto passed a climate emergency declaration, they committed to accelerating climate action. To ensure the City has the necessary resources, it will need dedicated sources of funding. You’ll be asked about tools like a parking levy or dedicating a portion of property taxes.

We can’t afford stalled action on climate change - we encourage people to show strong support for new financial tools to fast-track investment in local climate action. 

(These aren’t the only kinds of tools Toronto can use to fund climate action - TEA and our allies are also campaigning to ensure big polluters are paying their fair share and investing in climate action. You can add additional thoughts on funding in the comments section). 

BUILDINGS AND ENERGY: Just over half of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced by buildings.

Building retrofits, particularly retrofits of multi-residential housing, are an important action area to reduce emissions, improve housing, and create good green jobs. You can show your support for financial incentives to accelerate retrofits of homes and apartments and create decent work opportunities. 

The survey will also ask you about other action areas. You can show your support for: 

  • Reducing waste, which is one of the top 3 sources of emissions in Toronto. 
  • Reducing emissions associated with local consumption of products made outside of Toronto, which could improve Toronto’s food system
  • Supporting local climate champions and the establishment of a climate advisory group. 
  • Using a climate assessment of major City decisions - and an equity assessment of climate actions. 

Take action today for strong, equitable and effective climate action. Other ways you can take action: 

  • You can help raise the voices of others by hosting a community conversation using the City’s easy guide
  • Attend an upcoming public consultation, hosted by the City of Toronto. 

Finally, watch for TEA’s TransformTO submission which will address some key gaps in the City’s consultation documents, such as the need for a low-carbon workforce development strategy and support for local food initiatives. (Stay up-to-date by subscribing to emails from the Toronto Environmental Alliance.)