Council Watch - Comedy of Errors

In this issue, TEA invites you to join us at Ecobunk - TEA's annual fundraiser and comedy show. We also give you an update on the latest transit developments and TEA's coalition work. 

Ecobunk 2014 - Laugh, Cry, Cringe


Okay. Be honest. How many times have you seen an ad on TV or in print that makes your enviro blood boil. You know, ads like those from fossil fuel companies that pretend the tar sands are actually green. You scream at the TV or the magazine and the people around you think you’re nuts so the next time you see greenwashing you keep your mouth shut.

You don’t have to be quiet any more!

Join TEA and 200 other people on Wednesday December 10th at the Lula Lounge for Ecobunk 2014. This annual fundraiser and comedy show pokes fun at the most outrageous greenwashing from the previous year. 

TEA Expertise in Demand


Many people think TEA spends most of its time at City Hall or in the community talking to Torontonians about our issues. In fact, we also spend lots of time working with many government and non-governmental organizations. TEA is constantly asked to provide expert advice to governments and civil society groups and our team works with other organizations and community groups to help build A Greener City for All. To learn more, click here.

Building a Better Transit System

On Monday, ATU Local 113, the union which represents transit workers in Toronto, released Toronto's Transit Future a report with 68 recommendations designed to improve TTC service. TEA was there and congratulated ATU for proposing a plan that reinforces TEA’s calls to improve service and build transit that will help the most people as quickly as possible.


TEA in the Community


TEA will be at the following community events in the next two weeks. Make sure to stop by and say hello to some of our wonderful volunteers! 

Nov 22 - Eco Family Fair & Resource Day at University of Toronto Student Family Housing (11 am - 2 pm)

Nov 23 - Eco Fair at the Barn at Wychwood Barns (12 pm - 4 pm)