Council Watch - April 2009

Make History with Us! Be Part of TEA’s Press Conference with Sarah Harmer!

Please join us for a special media conference tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th, at 10:30 am where we will be releasing a new report called Dig Conservation, Not Holes: A Report on the GTA’s Thirst for Gravel and How to Quench It. We will be joined by world renowned Canadian musician Sarah Harmer.

This report looks at the impact of GTA gravel consumption over the next 25 years. It asks GTA municipalities to become leaders in urban redevelopment by practicing the 3Rs when using gravel to (re)build our urban infrastructure.

TEA has developed this report to alert Greater Toronto Area residents and our elected officials to what may happen to the precious countryside surrounding the GTA if we don’t start implementing more responsible ways of building our urban infrastructure.

The press conference will be in downtown Toronto. And for the first time in TEA’s history, we will be broadcasting a press conference live.The press conference starts at 10:30 am but the live feed will be active at 10:15 am.

Sarah Harmer, co-founder of PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land), and Jamie Kirkpatrick, our Greenbelt Campaigner, will talk about the report, including the key recommendations to GTA municipalities. We will also release some disturbing images that bring the impact of gravel use home.

Right after the media conference, please visit our website to get a copy of the report and find out how you can Take Action to help us “Dig Conservation, Not Holes.”

We hope you will join us online to learn more about building a green Toronto and to help launch an important new tool that allows you to get more involved in TEA activities.