Council Watch - City Council report card and TEA's new logo!

Going in Circles, TEA's new Report Card shows that, as a whole, City Council has made little progress on environmental issues over the last year and a half.

The good news is that while we haven't gone forwards, we didn't go backwards either.

Council spent most of its time fighting to save important environmental services -- including a Rapid Transit plan, Community Environment Days, the Sustainable Energy Plan, and our Local Food Purchasing Policy. A key reason this happened was thatcouncillors heard from residents and TEA members across the city that the environment is a priority -- thankfully, Council responded!

Now it's time for Council to start moving forward on the environment again. Read the report here.

Executive Committee votes to end plastic bag fee

On Monday, the Executive Committee voted to end Toronto's very successful plastic bag fee by-law (see the decision here).

The plastic bag by-law has been incredibly effective: City staff, and major retailers and even the Canadian Plastics Industry all agree that plastic bag use is down by 50 to 80%. Reducing waste before it starts is the highest priority in waste diversion, as it saves energy and resources.

Stay tuned - Council will vote on the issue on June 6th.

Introducing... our new logo!

We're very happy to present our new logo that reflects our ongoing work --  working with residents across Toronto to build a A Greener City for All.


Thanks to all of our members and partners that gave feedback and talked to us about what TEA means to you. Read more on our website.