Council Watch - deTOx Toronto; 25th birthday party!

Toolkit to DeTOx Toronto! 

In a partnership with environmental and health groups, TEA is proud to release the Toronto Toxic Reduction Tool Kit.

The 8-part toolkit outlines how to identify and reduce toxic exposure at work, at home and in the community with worksheets, guides and resources.

The Toolkit will help residents understand and make use of the City of Toronto's Community Right to Know (CRTK) bylaw which requires public reporting of toxic chemical use by local businesses. TEA and allies fought to win Canada's first such CRTK bylaw in 2008.

Read and download the free toolkit on the TEA website. 

This month in TEA history...

Since 1988, TEA campaigned with environmental and health groups across Ontario to raise awareness of the serious health and environmental impacts of pesticide use.

Ten years ago in May 2003, TEA celebrated Toronto's new Pesticide bylaw, which banned the use of cosmetic pesticides in Toronto.  Read more.

Six years later in April 2009, the Provincial government followed Toronto's lead and banned cosmetic pesticides across Ontario.



TEA's 25th Birthday Party!

Thurs May 30th, 5:30pm
The Rex - 194 Queen St W 
Free!  RSVP: [email protected]

Come party with us to celebrate TEA's quarter-century of making Toronto green!

We're going to party like it's 1988!*
*when cell phones were the size of shoe boxes...


On May 8th, Council will consider Porter Airline's request to expand the island airport to allow jets. Jets will increase air, water and noise pollution on Toronto's waterfront.