Council Watch - Environmental Services Under Threat, Again

Last year, we worked hard to stop cuts to important environmental services proposed in the Core Service Review. Thankfully, with the help of TEA supporters, most of these cuts were stopped.

This month, another round of cuts was proposed:

  • Eliminating the successful energy retrofit loan fund that has helped reduce GHG emissions, electricity use and created over 7,000 person years of green jobs;
  • Eliminating key staff positions that help the city meet its environmental goals
  • Cutting funding for Toronto's urban forest and delaying tree canopy goals by almost a decade.

In addition, a newly published Service Efficiency Review is setting the stage for a major re-structuring of how the city delivers environmental services.

It appears the goal is to save money in the short term.  Cuts to environmental programs now will cost more as environmental problems get worse and harm our health, economy and city infrastructure.

TEA will be paying close attention to these proposals and the votes at City Hall in the next few months, including the 2013 Budget process.

More recycling in TO!

More plastics can now be placed in the Blue Bin. The list of materials includes:Clear fruit, vegetable & egg containers
Clear take-out food containers
Moulded bakery goods trays
Plastic plates and glasses
Cold beverage cups/lids
DVD/CD cases (empty)

See the City media release here.

Public Consultations on Transit Expansion

Everyone agrees we need more public transit, but not everyone agrees how to fund it. On Tuesday, the city’s Executive Committee adopted a staff report that calls for public consultations on which revenue tools Torontonians support for public transit expansion. Details to be announced.