Service Review - Service Cuts

As part of the City Service Review, KPMG Consultants were hired to identify which services and programs of the City are 'core' and where the City could cut services to save money. Now the City Manager has reviewed the Consultant's report and made recommendations on what services to cut now, and what services to cut or reduce in the future.

The consultants found very little 'gravy' - over 90% of the services reviewed are core or essential (required by the Province, or essential to the function of the city).Consultants were unable to find significant savings and suggested cuts to important programs across the city. 

The consultants stated repeatedly that they did not evaluate the economic, social or environmental impact of services, but simply identified which the City could potentially cut. They overlooked other important things, like Provincial regulations that affect City services, and the revenue generated by some programs!

The City Manager's report includes almost no financial information and does not provide any further assessment on the social, economic or environmental impacts of the cuts.

Councillors are now asked to support or oppose cuts, without the facts about those cuts in front of them.

Read about the proposed service cuts considered by Executive Committee and Council in September here:


Reports covering different services were considered by City Committees
between July 18 and 28.
Read about the proposed service cuts & what TEA said at July Committee meetings here:

Public Works Committee

Parks & Environment Committee

Executive Committee


You can also read summaries of the suggested cuts, including those to social and cultural programs at OneToronto -

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