Council Watch - Love TO Ravines

TEA has been working with community partners to promote protected green spaces, talk about public transit, and work on a provincial policy that will change the way you look at trash forever!

Love the Ravines!

Toronto has incredible wilderness spaces that perform important ecological services and are great for recreational activities like running and cycling. Found in the heart of the city, our ravines are little known gems that deserve our love. That’s why TEA has joined with a number of organizations to launch a new campaign called #LovetheRavines.

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Where Bins meet Bills

When you toss something in the garbage or recycling bin, the word ‘policy’ may not come to mind. Not so in the TEA office! The Ontario government is working on a Waste Reduction Bill that could change how products and packaging are managed in Toronto.

By requiring companies to accept full environmental responsibility for the products they make and sell this Bill can lead to reuse of materials, increases in recycling & less stuff tossed in garbage bins.

TEA has reviewed the policy, met with government officials, and is now working closely with other environmental NGOs in Ontario to make this Bill the best it can be. Learn more here.

It’s important timing too, because the City of Toronto is working on it’s Long Term Waste Strategy to plan for the next 30 to 50 years. 

Table Talking Public Transit

TEA & TTCriders have been working with community partners to actively involve local residents in discussions, dialogue & decisions around one of the most important issues facing Toronto residents: Public Transit.

Thank you to our community partners at East Scarborough Storefront & Council of Agencies Serving South Asians and all the local residents from Malvern and Kingston-Galloway who joined the conversation.

Our next conversation circle takes place at Jane/Finch Community and Family Resource Centre on Oct 23rd with Jane and Finch ANC.

25 years of TEA


In Sept 2007, TEA hosted a Smog Hike to honour the 1,700 annual deaths in Ontario attributed to smog-related diseases. The hikers walked from the foot of Yonge to Finch Avenue, putting up posters with personal messages written by Torontonians.