Council Watch - Major Council votes - waste, incineration and all City services on the table

Save Toronto's Environmental Programs

City Hall has launched a major Service Review on how city services are delivered, who pays for them, and where we can find efficiencies. The review is asking us to fill in a survey and to rank services provided by the City. Note that you can indicate that all City Services are necessary to the City - you do not actually have to chose between programs.

This review will be used to dramatically reduce the services the city offers, including environmental services that protect human and environmental health.

Visit, take the City's Services Review survey and let them know Environmental Programs are necessary for our City!

City Hall wants you to identify which:

  • City services and programs should be cut
  • City services will have new or higher user fees (including transit
    fares and the costs of recreation programs for our children),
  • City services to sell off to private companies (eg. water and sewage system).  

The services review is being conducted through a survey. They survey asks you if you think Environmental Programs are "necessary" to the City. Environmental Programs range from the Climate Change Action Plan to the Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Program and are vital to our health and our economy.

This review will affect Toronto's environmental programs for years to come -- programs we have spent decades building. There are very limited opportunities for public input.

Get involved!

  • Take the Survey and let the City know Environmental Programs are necessary. 
  • Call your Councillor and let her/him know that you want our Environmental Programsprotected because they help save lives by reducing smog and air pollution, protect the environment, save taxpayers money by saving water and energy, and create good green local jobs. Find your Councillor's phone and email here (or call 311).
  • Visit the City website to learn about the review process

Council votes to look at private waste collection, but demands more studies, information

Last Tuesday, City Council voted to seek bids for private waste pick-up. Though we believe there was too little information to make a strong decision, we're happy that Councillors across the City overwhelmingly rejected efforts to rush the vote through, demanding better environmental standards and that the final decision be made by Council -- not by staff as had been proposed.  

It was great to see some motions pass from the newer Councillors Matlow, Colle and Bailao about accountability and the environment, and to see Councillors Minnan-Wong and Holyday back down on the original proposal to bypass Council. Click here to find out how your Councillor voted.

Thanks for your calls and emails over the last few weeks - Councillors heard from their constituents and that showed! 

Visit our website to read our report Look Before You Leap, and to follow our continued work on this issue.

Highland Creek Incinerator - shut down again!

On May 18, Councillor Ainslie (Ward 43) led the charge to oppose the construction of a new incinerator at Highland Creek and instead invest in more sustainable, environmentally friendly management options. 


This vote could not have been won without the tireless efforts of local community and TEA members in Wards 43 & 44 who gathered over 1,200 petition signatures in a single week.Great job!

See our website to read about the environmental impacts and ongoing saga at Council about one of Toronto's largest polluters.

Speak up for better transit at May 30th meeting!

On Monday May 30th the City's Planning & Growth Management Committee is meeting at City Hall.

The Committee will be discussing two very important public transit issues including "Improving Public Transit on Sheppard Ave East" and "Improving Public Transit and Traffic Flow on Finch Ave West."
We need people to speak up for more and better public transit at this meeting! 

Visit for more information and to find out how to register to speak.