CouncilWatch - Read before you breathe

In this issue, learn how TEA is taking action to rid Toronto's air of cancer-causing pollution and actions you can take for Waste Reduction Week!

Let's air on the side of caution

Without a doubt we know that people can develop lung cancer from the air we breathe. This is the alarming news recently announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and covered on CBC News.

Photo Caption: TEA's DeTOx Toronto Campaigner on CBC News
Image: TEA's DeTOx Toronto Campaigner on CBC News.  

Listen to the media coverage starting at time stamp 7:20 / 31:00

The biggest sources of air pollution come from transportation, energy production, and industrial emissions. For 25 years TEA has been advocating for cleaner air. In the largest city in the country it is simply a job that we cannot stop doing – people’s lives are at risk.

The good news is that Toronto residents do not have to hold their breath. TEA focuses on solutions to these major sources of toxic pollution. Two fine examples are our Public Transit and DeTOx Toronto campaigns.


It's Waste Reduction Week

It's officially Waste Reduction Week across Canada. So what are we doing this week to take part? TEA's Executive Director, Franz Hartmann, and his family have volunteered to be the first participants in our experimental waste study!

TEA's Waste Campaigner, Emily Alfred, will be lifting the lid of their garbage bin this weekend to find out what still ends up in Toronto's landfill. Stay tuned for more details!

If you want to volunteer your household for a waste assessment, it's not too late to fill out our short questionnaire.

Read up on Toronto's waste system and how you can reduce waste by reading TEA's popular Residents' Guide to Waste!


This month in history

In Fall 2009, TEA published the first-ever ethnic food guides to provide information about where Toronto residents can buy fresh, locally grown food. Four guides were tailored to Chinese, African Caribbean, Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines


Download a Food Guide

Recent TEA actions to help clean our air:

Educating residents about air pollution & Toxic Reduction Tool Kit

Sounding the alarm bell on carcinogens in Toronto’s air & promoting ChemTRAC

Stopping budget cuts to city departments & programs promoting clean air

Advocating for transit expansion and petitioning for better TTC service & fares

Assisting the NO Jets TO campaign

Promoting Cycle Toronto's City Council petition for bike lanes

Joining other groups in the fight to Stop Line 9