Council Watch - TEA's report raises questions about rushing to privatize waste: Look before you Leap

Study looks at the eco-impact of private waste contracts

On Monday, TEA released a report: Look Before You Leap: An Environmental Perspective on Privatizing Waste Collection in Toronto.

The report raises serious questions about the staff proposal to rush ahead with privatizing garbage collection, and the impact this may have on Toronto's waste diversion goals.

  • In Toronto and other cities, private contracts have compromised waste diversion - like recyclables & organics ending up in landfill, and extra fees for increasing diversion.
  • City staff haven't budgeted enough for contract monitoring and enforcement - how can we be sure we get what we pay for?
  • Why do city staff want to exclude City Councillors from reviewing the contract worth $250 million before it’s signed?

On May 17th, Council will be voting on a proposal to privatize waste collection in half of the City. This is an important vote, worth $250 million and 7 to 9 years, but Councillors have not been given enough information to make this important decision. 

Call your Councillor today, ask them to:

  • Reject the staff recommendations
  • Get staff to do their homework and get all the facts on waste diversion and privatization
  • Make a decision only once the facts are in front of them


The TEA team

Bigger buses, but no transit relief for Finch

Today, the TTC commission received a report on bus transit options for Finch -- and the results are disappointing. 

Jamie Kirkpatrick, our Transit Campaigner notes:"The major problem with this report is that it was written to identify ways to squeeze more buses onto Finch Ave., and NOT how to deliver better transit for the people who live there."

See the TTCriders website for more information.

City Service Review

The City is embarking on a major Service Review on how city services are delivered, who pays for them, and where we can find efficiencies. 

This review will affect Toronto's environmental programs for years to come -- but there are very limited opportunities for public input.

Get involved! Visit the City website to learn about the review process and to sign up for city-led discussions.

OneToronto is holding free information sessions on May 19 & 24.