Council Watch - Toronto Service Review Update

Councillors keep environmental services on the chopping block 

As we reported last week, environmental services are up for major cuts at City Hall. Committees met throughout the week to hear from the Mayor's consultants hired to find cost savings at City Hall as part of a major City Services Review.

In the end, Councillors refused to take any services off the chopping block. This happened despite the hundreds of people who came to City Hall to ask the Committees to reject the service cuts.

On Monday, over 25 people spoke against cutting toxic waste programs and lowering our recycling target. On Thursday over 100 people asked Councillors not to eliminate the Toronto Environment Office, urban forestry targets and other programs. Read more about the proposed cuts and what we said to Councillors.

Many Councillors ignored the public, and said that all 'opportunites' for cost savings should be considered.  Instead, they asked the Mayor and his Executive Committee to make the choice.

Now we'll have to wait until September to find out whether the Mayor thinks environmental services are “gravy”. Act now - Tell your Councillor that you want them to stand up for environmental services!

We'll keep you updated over the coming weeks as the Service Review
continues -- including a meeting next week on proposed cuts to the TTC.


The TEA team

Tell Council: Environmental Programs aren't Gravy!

Tell your Councillor and the Mayor that environmental programs are 'essential' to the future of our City.

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The Core Services Review continues with more Committee meetings next week, an "Efficiency" review and a look at User Fees in the coming weeks.  

See the TEA website, and the City website for more information.

Read more about cuts to Toronto's social and cultural services on the One Toronto website.

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