Council Watch - Windmill meeting: Get a Free Lift!

Get a ride to the Public Meeting on Monday November 24, RSVP!, Sign the Petition because your Toronto includes Windmills, Write a letter to the Ontario Government and use our sample letter to help!

You may already know about the important meeting taking place on Monday, November 24th in Scarborough that will help determine the future of windmills in our lake. Now there's a fast and easy way to get there!

Right now, Toronto Hydro is looking at ways to create a wind power facility about 2 km off the shores of the east end of our city.  Moving forward on this proposal marks the first real step in turning around our energy future and turning around our economy. But Toronto Hydro will need permission to proceed, and a small but vocal group is fighting even the current effort to measure the wind speeds.

If Toronto Hydro fails to get permission to take this basic first step toward green, sustainable power, Toronto’s renewable energy future –and our ability to deal with smog, global warming and green jobs - may come to a screeching halt!

We need to make sure the voices of Torontonians who support windmills are heard loud and clear at this meeting. Otherwise windmill opponents could bring to a screeching halt Toronto’s ability to effectively deal with global warming and smog.

To help get people to the meeting we are organizing buses to take people there. Just ride the subway to Kennedy station any time between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. and friendly wind power supporters will meet you in the station (look for people carrying windmill signs) and guide you to the buses and drive you to the meeting. After it’s over, we’ll give you a lift back too.