Emily J. Alfred, Senior Campaigner

Emily joined TEA in April 2010. She brings experience in non-profit organizations and a background in Urban Planning, communications and environmental education to her work at TEA.

As the Waste Campaigner, Emily is continuing TEA's 30 year history of advocacy for zero waste policies and programs in Toronto and Ontario. This includes community education, policy research and advocacy at both the municipal and provincial level. Emily works collaboratively with national, provincial and community-based environmental and health groups to provide a unified environmental voice on provincial waste policy.

Emily has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo and prior to joining TEA worked and volunteered in a number of community, environmental and health non-profits. Her previous roles include the Executive Director of RiverSides, a small NGO focusing on stormwater issues and rainwater harvesting, a volunteer creating walking tours with Lost Rivers, and a green building researcher and guide at an eco-city project in Adelaide, Australia. 

Emily loves the city and is passionate about urban ecology: engaging people in shaping their environment, and the interaction between natural and urban systems. 

[email protected]