Find Your Community Environment Day

Community Environment Days are held by City Councillors in every ward of the city from April to September - these are a great one-stop shop to drop off waste, pick up a new green bin, and talk with your Councillor about environmental programs!

You can drop off things you don't need for re-use: items such as art supplies, costume jewelry and CD cases can be donated for local schools. Items like books, dishes, and sporting equipment can also be brought for donation.

Drop off special and toxic waste items such as used cooking oil, batteries, paint, propane tanks, computer equipment, or medications at your Community Environment Day for safe and proper disposal. See the full list of what you can drop off here.

While you are there, you can also pick up a backyard composter, green bin, or kitchen container, as well as leaf compost for your garden or potted plants!

Find your local Community Environment Day on the City website.

Other Options

If you can't wait, or can't make it to a Community Environment Day, there are plenty of other ways to deal with your unwanted stuff and toxic trash:

The Toxic Taxi – the City's Toxic Taxi will pick up your special waste right from your door for free! You need the equivalent of 10 litres of hazardous waste (about 2 and a half paint cans). Fill out a form online to arrange a Toxic Taxi pick-up. 

Drop off Depots – Hazardous waste can also be taken to one of 7 Drop off Depots in the city. (If you are dropping off hazardous waste, you do not have to pay any fees.) 

Electronic curbside pick-up – Electronic waste, or e-waste, can be picked up right from the curb - just set it out on Garbage day. If you live in an apartment or condo, talk with your Property Manager about getting an e-waste collection spot for the building. When it is full, they can just call the City for collection.

Donate your reuseable items: If you have items that can still have a life beyond your home such as dishes, functioning electronics, children’s toys, clothing, or furniture, consider donating them! Many organizations offer pick up for donations. 

Use the Waste Wizard

Not sure whether something can be picked-up, dropped off, or recycled? Use the Waste Wizard, a useful tool by the City of Toronto.