Food Guides

Locally Grown, Culturally-Specific Food Guides

In Fall 2009, TEA makes it easier for Torontonians who are looking for fresh cultural foods “from back home” to find retailers selling locally grown cultural food.

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TEA launches Cultural Food Guides

October 9, 2009: This week the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) launched four cultural food guides highlighting where city dwellers can buy locally grown ingredients for Chinese, South Asian, Middle Eastern and African Caribbean cuisine.

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Unique Campaign Brings Together Consumers and Retailers of Locally-Grown Ethnic Food

October 1st, 2007 

Toronto: Today, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) launched Toronto's first-ever "Greenbelt Food from Home” campaign to help Torontonians find ethnic foods grown in the Greenbelt- the green space surrounding the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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