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Tell City Hall: Fund the TTC with a Commercial Parking Levy

The draft 2023 budget for the TTC includes a whopping 9% service cut and a fare increase at a time when the climate and affordability crises are worse than ever. At the same, the Mayor is leaving big money on the table to fund transit and climate goals.

Toronto’s climate plan hinges on free and improved transit before 2040. But this budget moves us in the opposite direction. It’s time for Toronto’s leaders to step up and put serious money into their transit and climate commitments. We’re calling on them to follow the lead of cities like New York, LA, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal, and Vancouver and apply a commercial parking levy to fund transit and climate action.

A commercial parking levy is a small hourly fee on non-residential parking spaces. And it could be transformational for the TTC. According to the City’s own reports, a parking levy of just 6.25 cents an hour would add up to $575 million/year to fund the TTC [1]. That’s the equivalent of a quarter of the TTC’s current operating budget. Every single year.

This kind of funding could cut transit fares, improve service and help meet our climate targets by offering a greener way to get around the city. 

Use this tool to send the Mayor and Councillors a message. We know that lobbyists paid by commercial parking lot landlords have already aggressively lobbied the city about commercial parking levies, and we know they’ll do it again.

We need your voice. Tell them that you want them to stop the proposed TTC cuts and invest in the TTC’s future with sustained funding from a commercial parking levy.


[1] Source: 2021 Updated Assessment of Revenue Options, June 21, 2021; and KPMG: City of Toronto Revenue Options Study, June 2016.

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