Show Your Support for Greenbelt Ravine Protection

Support better protection of our ravines from their headwaters in the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario! 

Earlier in 2015, the Province began a 10 year review of the Greenbelt legislation, which protects over 1.8 million acres of farmland, forests, wetlands, lakes, streams and hiking trails surrounding the Greater Toronto Area. After 6 months of consultations, an Advisory Committee released their report that recommends the Province grow the Greenbelt along significant waterways, including urban river valleys!

We need the Provincial Government to follow these recommendations. Please send an email to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (who is responsible for this Review) using the form below. Let them know you support the Province taking the lead in protecting important waterways and urban river valleys by adding them to the Greenbelt. You can also edit the text to include additional comments.