Help Us Keep Council Green

Throughout the election campaign, Mayor Ford made it clear he was not interested in the environment (see our Campaign Mid-Term and Final Report Cards and his Council Voting Record for 2007-08 and 2009-10). However, the good news is Torontonians elected a majority of Councillors who have committed to key environmental priorities - 24 Councillors received an A grade on our candidate report card, and one received a B-.

We need these Councillors to honour their commitment to the environment so that Mayor Ford cannot undermine or delay action on the 6 environmental priorities.

To help make this happen, here is what you can do:

  1. Write a letter to your Councillor asking them to make the environment a priority - Help us send a strong signal to the new Council
  2. Become a member of TEA - take our pledge to create a green, healthy and equitable city.
  3. Donate to TEA so we can continue our work as your environmental watchdog at City Hall.

Click here to write a letter to your Councillor online.

We want to send a clear message On Day 1 of the first Council meeting that Torontonians expect their new Council to be green. How? By delivering as many letters as possible from Torontonians like you with a clear message: make the environment a priority over the next 4 years.

We'll deliver the letters in December, before the first day of Council to demonstrate how much Torontonians care about the environment.

  • If your Councillor scored well and committed to creating a green, healthy and equitable City, thank them, and let them know you will hold them to that commitment.
  • If your Councillor failed our report card, ask them to represent you and your interests as one of their constituents, and make a commitment to a green Toronto.