How can we detox Toronto?


We need to invest in actions that reduce the chemicals that surround us and harm our health. Thanks to Toronto’s unique ChemTRAC Program, we know where and why harmful chemicals are posing environmental health risks.

Now, Toronto needs to develop a plan to manage these toxic chemicals.

Actions Council must take:

  • By the end of 2015:

Add Chemicals of Emerging Concern (CECs) to the Sewers By-law.

Toronto has successfully reduced some chemicals that harm Lake Ontario, but our water continues to face new threats due to increasing amounts of pharmaceutical and product ingredients like triclosan and flame retardants. With emerging substances added to the by-law, Toronto Water will be required to monitor them and pollution prevention plans can be developed.

  • By the end of 2015:

Have a toxics reduction strategy in place to phase out at least two priority carcinogenic substances in Toronto.

These priority substances will be based on known health risks and market access to viable non-toxic alternatives.

The City of Toronto is well positioned to develop a strategy based on the extensive research and chemical data collected by Toronto Public Health, Toronto Water, and the Environment & Energy Division.

  • In 2016:

The Economic Development and Culture Division improves business retention and competitiveness of Toronto companies by offering new services to help companies manage their operational wastes and climate change risks.

Operational wastes include energy, fuel, water, raw materials, and by-products like chemical emissions and solid waste.

With assistance, Toronto companies can prevent pollution, improve transportation logistics, cut costs, increase revenues, manage risk and enhance their ability to compete in the new economy.


  • monitor toxics in our sewers
  • phase out carcinogens in our air
  • support Toronto businesses to become cleaner and greener