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When you think of it, City Hall has a very big impact on our natural environment. City Hall shapes how we deal with waste, how we move around, the energy systems we use, the toxics that enter the environment in the air, land and water that surround us and how well our trees and natural spaces thrive.

Which means what happens at City Hall and the decisions City Council make are crucial to building a greener city for all. TEA is the only environmental group that keeps track on what's happening at City Hall. How do we do this? 

  • We speak to City Council committees, to Councillors and City staff about our issues and the actions we want them to take to improve the environment
  • We monitor City Council and Committees to make sure any environmentally-related actions don’t undermine our environmental health
  • We monitor the City’s budget process and fight for the appropriate financial investments that will build a greener city for all
  • We provide “report cards” on how Council is doing on key environmental issues.
  • During election years, we provide tools to Torontonians to evaluate candidates on their commitment to the environment

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