How can we Improve Air Quality?


Every year about 1,300 people die prematurely in Toronto because of bad air quality.

Another 3,550 end up in hospitals.

Over 280 of the deaths are due to vehicle emissions.

Actions Council must take:

  • Stop any expansion of the Billy Bishop Airport.

Our waterfront is already polluted enough.

The families that live there don’t need more vehicle traffic and more planes in the skies above.

We must reduce, not add to, the air pollution along our waterfront.

  • By 2016 have an air quality monitoring strategy in place.

The strategy must include monitoring equipment to analyze highway and local community conditions, as well as a public information system.

By measuring local air quality, residents, businesses and City staff can make informed decisions to manage pollution sources and protect health.

New technologies exist that allow for portable air monitoring and for posting these results online.

City Hall should give local neighbourhood groups the resources required to know their local air quality.

We need to make it as easy as possible for people to keep their cars at home.Building a Toronto that Moves includes 12 actions City Hall can take to help Torontonians cycle, walk and take public transit.


  • better air monitoring
  • stop island airport expansion
  • adopt actions to help us leave our cars at home