How do I report a vibration or mess within a construction site?


The City's Toronto Building department has a Complaint Policy, which commits to investigate and respond to all registered ‘non-emergency’ complaints within 30 days. The City has a dedicated Enforcement Unit to respond to problematic residential infill sites and coordinate with other City Divisions. There is also an appeal process if the complainant does not agree with the outcome, which involves the Chief Building Official.

‘Non-emergency concerns’ that may be considered a nuisance include:

  • Messy construction sites
  • Concern about vibration resulting from construction

Contact one of the City of Toronto’s Toronto Building District Inspection Offices:

Toronto and East York District: 416-338-0700

North York District: 416-395-7541

Etobicoke York District: 416-394-8055

Scarborough District: 416-396-7322

Be prepared to provide the following information to the local Toronto Building inspector:

  • Address of the property
  • Details of your concern

You can also visit the City's Toronto Building complaint webpage for more information.