Air Quality

Air Quality Air Quality

From the moment we are born, to breathe is to live - and there is perhaps nothing greater than breathing clean outdoor air.

All too often, the air we breathe in Toronto is full of pollution. This is especially dangerous for the developing lungs of young children and other vulnerable people like asthmatics and the elderly.

Some communities live with worse air pollution than others, usually due to their close location to highways, industry and fossil fuel energy sources. This reality puts these residents at greater risk of health problems, increased hospital visits and even premature death.

We shouldn’t have to leave the city to breathe clean air and be healthy, which is why TEA is promoting both individual actions and city-wide solutions that can reduce air pollution in Toronto:

  • Our INHALE Project is testing an innovative air monitoring technique so residents can directly measure air pollution while walking or cycling
  • We are partnering on air quality research at academic institutions
  • TEA is advocating at City Hall for an air monitoring strategy for Toronto and priority air quality actions for our most at-risk communities
  • We are promoting the most effective city-wide solutions to clean our air through our campaigns on Public Transit, Climate Change, Greenbelt and Toxics.

Read more about TEA’s work on Air Quality.

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