How do we improve the TTC?


We need to invest in affordable fares and better service. This will improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion as people keep their cars at home and use the more convenient TTC.

Actions Council must take:

  • Freeze fares for 4 years.

TTC riders pay almost three-quarters (73%) of the TTC’s operating costs, a higher percentage than riders in any other comparable city in North America.

Riders used to pay 60% of the costs, with the remaining 40% shared equally by the City and Province.

For this to happen again, the Province must help.

But City Council must do its part and stop the constant fare increases, at least for the next 4 years.

It’s time people got rewarded, not penalized, for using the Better Way

Improve TTC service levels annually.

Over the past 4 years TTC service has worsened as ridership has gone up faster than new service is added.

We should be rewarding people who use the TTC, not dooming them to more crowded vehicles and less frequent service!

It’s time to turn this around and start improving TTC service across the city every year.


  • improve service
  • freeze fares