How do we know what Fleetwood Releases?


Fleetwood reports annually to the National Pollutant Release Inventory and the amounts are publicly accessible here and from Pollution Watch.

National Pollutant Release Inventory - FFF On Site Releases (in Tonnes)


Substance  2005 2006  2007 
 Toluene 23  27  25 
 Xylene 19  25  27 
 Volatile Organic Compounds 146  178  179 

For chemical profiles and health effects click on the substance name.

Also, a review of the Ministry of Environment’s records show that for years there have been many complaints about paint / varnish type odours which make residents feel ‘nauseous’, ‘not able to open up their windows’, ‘cannot enjoy being in the backyard’ and ‘worried about what their children are inhaling’. However, little has changed.