Toronto's Long Term Waste Plan Update - May 2015

In late May 2015, Solid Waste Management Services staff gave an update on the progress of the Long Term Waste Plan to Toronto’s Public Works Committee.

Staff outlined the process so far to gather input on the vision and principles, and next there will be some serious questions about how to evaluate various options.

TEA’s waste campaigner, Emily Alfred, spoke to the Committee and urged the councillors to keep sight of the crucial fact that Torontonians have more recyclables and organics in their garbage bins than garbage!

If we focus on getting recyclable and organic waste out of the garbage bag, we could reach 84% diversion, and we could cut the residential waste going to landfill in half.

Read Emily's deputation here.

The key criteria and principles for deciding on the long term waste plan will be discussed with the public in a series of open house workshops in June.

TEA also urged Councillors to seek the facts on what really works to reduce garbage. The City has a number of programs to educate the public and to get multi-residential buildings to divert more waste, however we don’t have all the details on what actually works. Without the statistics it’s hard for the public or Council to make good decisions on effective ways to get recyclable and organic waste out of the garbage!

The good news is that Councillors heard this. Councillor Davis asked staff for statistics on how the City enforces waste bylaws that require apartments and condos as well as residents and businesses to use the Blue and Green Bins.